Type Certification

Is my project of a new aircraft sustainable? Is it feasible and financially acceptable considering regulatory constraints?

Throughout the aircraft certification process, it is absolutely vital to save time, avoid mistakes and fake routes. If wrongly carried out, such process may result in extra costs which in turn may threaten the project and even lead it to an end. VELICA precisely aims at always ensuring the project leader maximum visibility as far as feasibility and deadlines are concerned. However complex may be the aircraft project, the investor should as quickly as possible obtain from the authorities clear answers relative to the various certification steps. Thanks to their expertise and their knowledge of the various services which take part in the certification process, VELICA team will get precise answers in short periods of time.

Regarding certification, VELICA intervenes at all levels: this includes type certification program but also design, production and maintenance organization approvals.
VELICA may also intervene with regard to the certification program, procedures and manuals reporting. Not mentioning flight operations manuals, change, STC or repair approval records.

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