Training on Aircraft Certification


➢ Training on certification and airworthiness topics

➢ Training on any of our specialist service

➢ Training ajusted to your own practical issues

➢ Presentation drawing a parralel between managing a company and sailing a solo race




Highly experienced in certification and aircrafts regulations, Hugues LE CARDINAL leads trainings in these very standardised fields. Having regularly contacts with national or european authorities managing regulations on aircaft safety, his trainings are always accurated and relevant on these subjects. 



The aim of the trainig aims is to explain why there are so many rules in aeronautical world and how it works. The first part of the training is about generalities on the actors of certification, their roles and documents related with  existing certifications.

In accordance with your needs, the second part of the training is ajustable and more focused on your practical issues :

• Regulation for a certain aircraft type

• Regulatory evolutions

• Practical exemples of certification

• ModificationApproval  Procedure

• Flight Permissions



Trainings can take place in your premises or at VELICA’s, in Milano. It usualy lasts 1 or 2 days depending on your needs. Feel free to contact us for mor details :