VELICA is an European company offering technical consulting in the field of aeronautics and service in nautics.

Founded in 2011 by Hugues Le Cardinal (actual CEO)
The official venue of the company is in Sarzeau, France, whereas the operational headquarters are located in Milan city center. This strategical position allows an easy exchange with clients from allover the world.
VELICA is a corporation (SAS of the French law); this status allows every kind of evolution.

Tel office: +39 02 497 666 64



Italian mobile : +39 348 47 626 56


French mobile: +33 7 86 32 14 94





Headquarter: Via XX Settembre 27

                          20123 Milano


Official venue : 11, rue Skol Koz

                            56370 Sarzeau


Hugues LE CARDINAL : Founder & CEO

After an education in aeronautical engineering and as a pilot of the aviation school in Salon de Provence, Hugues Le Cardinal has worked for the French Civil Aviation Authority (DGAC) for 19 years. In 2011, he was responsible for the certification, airworthiness and general aviation.

Working since 1992 in the international certification domain, Hugues Le Cardinal knows deeply the technical regulations and the different actors of the aeronautical world (EUROPE, USA, New Zealand, China, …)
During its first five years, VELICA has offered its services to a varied and international clientele with missions across Europe, USA, China and Africa.

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Quentin LAMOTTE: airworthiness deputy

Graduated from the French Civil Aviation University in 2016, Quentin Lamotte has worked for 2 years at Apsys, as engineer in the Airbus ETOPS operational certification department. He joined VELICA on January 2019.


Pascal GIRARDIN: Technical Director and expert in air operations

Fighter pilot and engineer in aeronautics graduated from the aviation school in Salon de Provence, Pascal Girardin worked as head of design and CEO in 2 companies. He joined VELICA on January 2020.

Thomas IMBERDIS: airworthiness consultant

Graduated from IPSA (Ingineering for Air and Space) in 2020, Thomas  has worked for 2 years at AIRBUS Helicopters certification department. He joined VELICA on February 2022.

Dominique BOSSERT: Financial and administrative officer

After 10 years of experience in finance and administrative work in different companies, Dominique joined VELICA on February 2019.

Jacques GIRERD: advisor of the chairman

Graduated of Sciences Po Paris, Jacques worked in some Direction of communication in different companies as SERETE (engineering), AFNOR or Médecins sans Frontières. He also worked many years at the French Civil Aviation Authority Direction where he met Hugues Le Cardinal. He became advisor of the founder prior to the creation of the company.