2021 Wishes

VELICA whishes you all the best for 2021 !

Hugues, Pascal, Quentin, Alexis and Dominique will still and always be there to assist you this year as well…

Seminar in Besançon

From 09th to 11th oj june 2020, VELICA’s team met in Besançon to share conviviality, to work on current topics and to meet clients et parteners.

Great moments of  togetherness  and think tank.

CS23 Amendment 5 – Aerobuzz publication

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You’ll find a translation of the article HERE.

The ELIXIR EASA certified

The Elixir EASA certified !


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) signed the Type Certificate of the Elixir aeroplane : congratulations to the ELIXIR AIRCRAFT team !

Arthur, Cyril, Nicolas but also Maxime, Quentin, Benjamin, Mathieu, Malo, Hervé,… have performed a wonderful work !

The VELICA team is delighted and proud to have contributed to this great adventure. Dominique, Pascal, Quentin and Hugues are ready to keep working hand in hand with ELIXIR AIRCRAFT towards new success stories!