Aero Friedrichshafen 2024

VELICA will be at Aero Friedrichshafen this year too, but this time with a roomier booth : come and visit us in Hall B2 – 502, from April 17th to 19th,  2024 !

Our Team will be happy to welcome you and give you an overview of our services : airworthiness consulting, support to obtain design approval but also flutter analysis prediction.

Wishes 2023

VELICA wishes you a wonderful year 2023, sharing hapyness with family and friends, but also professional accomplishment.

I believe I can fly…

You may find an article on the french website Aerobuzz from February 17th 2022 about this story.

Piece by piece Renaud Chantegrelet firmly achieved his goal : fly an helicopter.  Helped by a team of volunteers, and with the assistance of VELICA (certification and design office) he created a hand rudder control, and obtained from the French Aeronotical Authority (DGAC) to install it on a helicopter Alouette II in Decembre 9th 2021 (Aircraft “annexe 1” which means out of EASA’s area of expertise).

Unable to use his legs, this system allows him to activate the rudder control with his hands instead of the usual foot system. This kind of mechanism already exists for light aircrafs but it is the first time such a system is used for a helicopter. The team of volunteers invented,  designed and crafted this “malonnier”.

Tests were performed during development. A certification program was then led. With the DGAC approbation, the helicopter Alouette II is now able to fly!

The helicopter will first be used by Renaud to pilot licence training.

(Note : Renaud obtained a private helicopter pilot licence on February 18th  2022)

His dream is successfully completed thanks to his enthusiasm and positiv attitude, and thanks to all the team around him  !

30 years in certification

2 February 2022 : 30 years of professional experience !

What a great time! So many nice people I met! Our aeronautical world is made up of passionate and often fascinating men and women. Our flying machines must be beautiful, light, solid and efficient: what a fantastic technological challenge!
My job as a certifier does not make you dream at first sight, and yet, what a great job! The objective is flight safety: a flying machine is made to fly. This job is one of the very few that offer a vision of the whole aircraft. And it means working with a team of specialists whose aim is to authorise flight with the appropriate safety measures, neither too severe (impossible flight) nor too permissive (dangerous flight).
Very happy with these 30 years, I continue with as much pleasure to learn, for example with electric propulsion, and to share these experiences with my team.

        Here below, with Jean-Marie KLINKA, probably in 2005

Seminar in Besançon

From 09th to 11th oj june 2020, VELICA’s team met in Besançon to share conviviality, to work on current topics and to meet clients et parteners.

Great moments of  togetherness  and think tank.

CS23 Amendment 5 – Aerobuzz publication

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The ELIXIR EASA certified

The Elixir EASA certified !


The European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) signed the Type Certificate of the Elixir aeroplane : congratulations to the ELIXIR AIRCRAFT team !

Arthur, Cyril, Nicolas but also Maxime, Quentin, Benjamin, Mathieu, Malo, Hervé,… have performed a wonderful work !

The VELICA team is delighted and proud to have contributed to this great adventure. Dominique, Pascal, Quentin and Hugues are ready to keep working hand in hand with ELIXIR AIRCRAFT towards new success stories!