2 February 2022 : 30 years of professional experience !

What a great time! So many nice people I met! Our aeronautical world is made up of passionate and often fascinating men and women. Our flying machines must be beautiful, light, solid and efficient: what a fantastic technological challenge!
My job as a certifier does not make you dream at first sight, and yet, what a great job! The objective is flight safety: a flying machine is made to fly. This job is one of the very few that offer a vision of the whole aircraft. And it means working with a team of specialists whose aim is to authorise flight with the appropriate safety measures, neither too severe (impossible flight) nor too permissive (dangerous flight).
Very happy with these 30 years, I continue with as much pleasure to learn, for example with electric propulsion, and to share these experiences with my team.

        Here below, with Jean-Marie KLINKA, probably in 2005